Medical Alert Jewellery

Medical Jewellery is able to speak to the emergency professionals when you are unable to.

A bracelet or necklace carrying the internationally recognised medical symbol on a charm or tag will give a paramedic or doctor an indication or gain vital information on their patient’s medical condition.

Our range of engraved medical jewellery includes charms, necklaces and bracelets suitable for Women, Girls, Men and boys.

Our jewellery is custom made to order you can swap a medical charm with a regular charm on any item of jewellery on our website –

pink-medical-symbol-pendant-free-engraving-plus-chain-or-clasp--1286-ppink-beaded-medical-bracelet-with-engraving-1292-p pink-medical-symbol-charm-on-bail-free-engraving-1288-p sterling-silver-beaded-medical-bracelet-1230-p medical-id-sos-flower-pendant-free-engraving-plus-chain-or-clasp--480-p medical-id-sos-heart-pendant-free-engraving-plus-chain-or-clasp--475-p  medical-bracelet-with-angel-and-birthstone-charms-1200-p steel-chain-medical-bracelet-1226-p medical-id-sos-heart-necklace-with-free-engraving-1238-p

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